We are the Pryors and are living as a
family team on a mission in the city
of Cincinnati.

Jeremy had an epiphany over two decades ago, realizing that the way we do family in the West is mostly a failed experiment, and the scriptures are calling us back to a bigger and better design. Since then we have been impacting families in the greater Ohio region for years through various projects and resources. Hey guys!

We are the Bethkes — the other half of Family Teams.

We are a team of five, currently living on the tiny island of Maui in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We write books, create videos online, and host the Real Life podcast. We’ve been mentored and impacted by the Pryors and God’s design for multi-generational family teams for the past four years or so. We are also big fans of Narnia, hence why our dog is named Aslan and we have one daughter named Lucy.


Family scouting report