One way we hope to serve you guys is through daily and weekly podcasts that we have created!
We have two different podcasts below:

Family Teams Podcast

A place to get equipped and encouraged as you opt out of the western family experiment and say yes to building a multi-generational family team on mission.

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Dads Building Teams

Dads Building Teams is a podcast hosted by Jeremy Pryor and Jeff Bethke where we take turns interviewing other dads who are building their multi-generational teams. You’ll hear from a wide variety of fathers in different walks of life during these deep dive long- form interviews.
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Five Minute Fatherhood

Five Minute Fatherhood is a five-minute weekday podcast where we share quick, easy practical and tactical tips to help equip fathers on their journey. Our topics range from what our favorite books are for the kids, the marble training system, to what we tell our kids about Santa. This podcast is also a YouTube channel if you prefer to watch instead of listening!
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