Most fathers have never been taught how to be one.
Change that today with our 3-part system.


Skill of Fatherhood
Master Class

Many dads today are left shooting from the hip on this parenting thing. Either we didn’t have ourdads to show us growing up, or they gave us a bad picture we didn’t want to follow.

Or maybe they were great dads but never passed on their knowledge. Being a father is one of the greatest privileges and joys of a man’s life, and a role that brings immense blessing if we are willing to step into it. Join Jeremy Pryor and Jefferson Bethke as they unpack an entire 3-part system that will take you from A to Z and give you tactical, practical, and immediately actionable ways to level up your parenting.


What Is the Skill of Fatherhood Masterclass?

This masterclass is for fathers (and mothers or wives too!) of all ages. It unpacks an entire system of how to be the father you want to be but aren’t sure how to be. It digs into the Scriptures and recovers a model hidden in plain sight of the Father coach, giving obvious ways to level up your family immediately. The masterclass concentrates explicitly on the three skills of being a good father: training your children, coaching a family team on mission, and living multi- generationally.

3 Modules, 20 Videos

Watch and work through the videos from anywhere you have an internet connection, on a computer, ipad, or on your phone and feel like you are hanging out with Jeff and Jeremy in your living room as they help you rethink your entire vision of what it means to be a dad.

The course includes videos in all 3 modules, as well as bonus videos where we interview other families who have made this shift and how it has gone for them.



In conjunction with your video masterclass, you’ll receive the Skill of Fatherhood digital workbook complete with questions and exercises to help you go deeper and process throughout this journey!


Change the Course of Your Family Forever, Today!

Have you felt that nudge in your family that something isn’t right? Or that you wanted or sensed there was more but wasn’t sure what or how? Us too, and that’s why we created this masterclass. To systematically walk you through God’s big and great design for family teams on mission, and how that starts with a father catching the vision as the leader of his home. Start today and investment in your family forever!


See what other fathers are saying

Skill of Fatherhood is so good! This is exactly what I needed. I love how Jeff and Jeremy show what a biblical father and leader of the family looks like. This really caused me to examine how I define family and my role as a father [ … ]

Joey Markoya, Kihei, HI

The Skill Of Fatherhood Masterclass is a must have for any father looking to genuinely improve their parenting skill set while bringing intentionality into their home. Each module is designed to help fathers step up to the plate and lead well by discussing struggles every parent goes through and walking through practical ways to work with our family to help address concerns, overcome adversity and thrive as a team. Where many online courses come across as dry and generic the Skill Of Fatherhood Masterclass keeps you engaged and curious with Jeff and Jeremy’s prepared yet natural conversations allowing me as the viewer to pick up practical wisdom through conversation rather than being spoken to from a screen.

Jeff and Jeremy have a unique ability to be both subject matter experts and showcase vulnerability through their own parentings wins and learning moments, something that allowed me to buy into their teachings knowing that they approach this class with a genuine heart for dads like me. Since taking these courses I’ve shifted the way I parent to a long view, multi generational approach that’s given me joy understanding that I am currently building something of true meaning and purpose in my family. Every dinner, every trip to the grocery store is now an opportunity to teach and educate my daughter rather than simply completing a task or making it to bed time. I can honestly say this course has helped me tap into the dad I’ve always envisioned I would be. I can’t recommend this course enough for any father looking to lead their family in a way that pleases God and enriches their family for generations to come.

Ryan Rucker, San Francisco, CA


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