Page 19-
[Movie] The Incredibles- AmazoniTunes
– by Pixar: How a western family rediscovers how to work as a team
[Movie] It’s a Wonderful Life- AmazoniTunes
– How George Bailey plays the roles of son, husband, brother and father to their fullest and discovers that it’s enough for a deeply meaningful life.

Page 32-
[Book] Hold onto Your Kids
-Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers: An exploration from two secular psychologists of the impact of Western parents obsession with fostering peer-orientation in their kids.
[Article] The Power of Family History Study
– by Emory University

Page 34-
[Movie] Thirteen Days- AmazoniTunes
-John and Bobby Kennedy work as a team to solve the Cuban missile crisis.
[Movie] Children of Heaven- AmazoniTunes
-Iranian film where a poor brother and sister sacrifice for one another so they both can have a pair of shoes.

Page 36-
[Movie] My Big Fat Greek Wedding- AmazoniTunes
-A huge extended family with all its quirks working together

Page 61-
[Video] A Journey Home
-The journey of the Waller family when Tommy Waller left his demanding job with FedEx, bought land in Amish country, and began to live every part of his life with his family.

Page 71-
[Blog] How to Bless Your Children After You Die

Page 86-
[Blueprint] Re-Church
[Blog] Summary of N.T. Scholar Roger Gehring understanding of Oikos

Page 89-
[Book] A Million Miles in a Thousand Years
How I Learned to Live a Better Story by Donald Miller. Miller gives some vivid examples of family vision especially chapter 9 “How Jason Saved his Family”

Page 115-
[Article] Where Have All the Good Men Gone?
-Kay S. Hymowitz argues that too many men in their 20s are living in a new kind of extended adolescence.

Page 119-
[Website] Ransomed Heart

Page 123-
[Online Course] The Skill of Fatherhood

Page 131-
[Audio] Equipping Households to Celebrate the Spring Holidays
-In this mp3 I describe some elements of how we designed Gospel Week. I’m working on a much better 2.0 version of Gospel Week I’ll teach on in 2012 and post here.
[Audio] Tim Keller’s Gospel Sermons
-My year of studying the Gospel began by listening to Tim Keller’s Gospel sermons many of which you can get for free on this site.
[Book] The Jesus Storybook Bible
-Based on Tim Keller’s teaching this book for children tells the story of the Gospel through many various stories throughout the Bible.

Page 142-
[Book] Rich Dad, Poor Dad
-(What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money–That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not!)- If you struggle with what I’ve written PLEASE read this book.
[Book] Self-Made in America
-While I don’t believe anyone is truly self-made this collection of stories of immigrants who came with nothing to America, lived in poverty and became owners of valuable assets was quite instructive and inspirational

Page 146-
[Book] Thou Shall Prosper
-Rabbi Daniel Lapin dives deep into the Old Testament and Jewish culture to help readers understand a uniquely Jewish way of viewing money and business.

Page 148-
[Slide Share] The New Testament Single Life
-In this presentation I walk through the 3 lifestyles described for singles in the New Testament and a possible proposals for how families and singles can work together on our mission to make disciples.

Page 151-
[Course] Financial Peace University
-For families drowning in debt your first step should be to learn from Dave Ramsey.
[Website] Getting Rich Slowly
-An entire site dedicated to the slow, careful acquisition of income producing assets.
[Website] Springwise
-A site that spots amazing innovative ideas around the world which can be great inspiration for finding a business model to bring to your area.
[Blog] Transitioning Pastors from Paid Positions to Released Callings (Part 1), (Part 2), (Part 3), (Part 4).

Page 153-
[Book] The Partnership Charter 
-Do not start your partnership without reading a book like this and getting the necessary details of the partnership in writing. People think if you really trust each other a handshake is all that’s needed. Far from demonstrating trust, this kind of presumption is more often disrespectful to the relationship. The best way to protect the long-term health of your business relationships is to have the hard conversations first, and David Gage does a great job in this book describing how to structure those

Page 157-
[Book] The E-Myth Revisited 
-Every family growing assets through business ownership who wants to give time to the Kingdom must learn to work ON their business instead of IN their business.

Page 168-
[Online Course] The Seven Day Family
-Discover the single most powerful tool in history that brings life, order, fun and meaning into the life of the family.

Page 173-
[Audio] Shabbat Activation 
-We have chosen to use the Shabbat meal (Sabbath) as a starting point for the creation of a formal family meal. Here is a training and some resources on how we practice this rhythm.

Page 175-
[Audio] Equipping Households to Celebrate the Spring Holidays
-In this mp3 I describe some elements of how we designed Gospel Week. I’m working on a much better 2.0 version of Gospel Week I’ll teach on in 2012 and post here.
[Blog] Celebrating Sukkot 
-Living Rhythmically Toward A Future: an explanation of why we meditate on eternity.

Page 179-
[Documentary] Betrothed 
-A documentary about how the Brayden and Talitha Waller celebrating their wedding by going back to biblical principles about how Christ will one day come for his bride.


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