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Jeremy and April lay out a case study on what a family could look like after just 5 generations of faithfully obeying the Genesis 1:28 blessing. American society is so divorced from this ideal that it’s often hard to even understand what we’re talking about when we talk about building multigenerational family teams…that’s why we’re breaking down a very practical vision for you, not only in terms of where you’re going over the next few generations as a family, but how to start making decisions today that’ll help you get there.

On this episode, we talk about:

1:41 The 5 Generations of Ruling Households (part of Jeremy’s new book)

4:35 The First Generation: Fruitful

4:59 The Second Generation: Multiply

7:34 The Third Generation: Fill

10:01 The Fourth Generation: Subdue

12:18 The Fifth Generation: Rule

16:14 Practical realities of living with this mindset in parenting

21:50 An alternative to the American assumption that helping your kids will turn them entitled and lazy

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Hi, welcome to the Family Teams podcast! Our goal here is to help your family become a multigenerational team on mission by providing you with Biblically rooted concepts, tools and rhythms! Your hosts are Jeremy Pryor and Jefferson Bethke.

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