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Jeremy, Cameron Akrami, and Curt Storring discuss the problem with “luxury beliefs” around screens, kids, and the family in general. Screens are incredibly destructive if left unchecked in the hands of our children…but is that simply a family problem, or is it big enough that it requires government oversight?

On this episode, we talk about:

0:29 Rob Henderson and Luxury Beliefs

4:55 Is regulating technology a family problem or a societal problem?

8:05 Are screens the first order or second order issue?

11:03 Is this so unique it requires a unique solution, or is there too much risk in government oversight?

15:18 Why cultural norms and stories really matter

18:31 Jonathan Haidt’s 4 rules

22:52 You have to play offense and defense at the same time

24:29 There is hope

Resources Mentioned:

Rob Henderson Video

Family Revision Book

The Family Plan Calendar

Hi, welcome to the Family Teams podcast! Our goal here is to help your family become a multigenerational team on mission by providing you with Biblically rooted concepts, tools and rhythms! Your hosts are Jeremy Pryor and Jefferson Bethke.

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