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Jeremy is joined by Tyler Graham to discuss how to figure out what your family’s mission actually is, then how to implement it. From the philosophical to the practical, Jeremy breaks down what we are designed for – fatherhood and motherhood – and how to submit to those roles while fighting against cultural values like freedom, equality, and individuality.

On this episode, we talk about:

0:23 Turning the tables…Jeremy answers questions from Tyler

2:19 How to figure out what your family team mission actually is

8:20 Implementing your family blueprint

13:09 How dads can break free from the cultural narrative and step into a true father role

21:01 The cheat code for fatherhood

33:36 How to keep meaning and purpose as a focal point for the family (and not get distracted)

45:00 The first step to get started for dads

Resources Mentioned:

Ignatian Spiritual Exercises

Family Inc

Family Revision Book

Hi, welcome to the Family Teams podcast! Our goal here is to help your family become a multigenerational team on mission by providing you with Biblically rooted concepts, tools and rhythms! Your hosts are Jeremy Pryor and Jefferson Bethke.

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