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Jeremy is joined by Reilly Pilgrim, Tyler Graham, and Blake Smith to talk about the feminization of fatherhood and what type of support men should expect from their wives when they’re going through a difficult time.

Jeremy shares videos and topics he’s been pondering over the past week, and the panel of fathers reacts and gets some clarity to help you build your family team.

On this episode, we talk about:

0:00 Intro and meet today’s guests

3:14 Reaction to video on “modern dadhood” Reel and the feminization of fatherhood

11:47 Mature fatherhood, therapy culture, and generational conflict

16:39 Being an adult means looking back on your life and experiences and giving grace

23:17 Church leaders don’t want to talk about the ideal father or family because it makes people feel bad?

28:34 Why women don’t support husbands in difficult times

36:04 Don’t men need to support other men?

51:00 Competence at work vs competence at home

Resources Mentioned:

Family Revision by Jeremy Pryor

Tyler Graham on LinkedIn

King’s Hall Podcast


Hi, welcome to the Family Teams podcast! Our goal here is to help your family become a multigenerational team on mission by providing you with Biblically rooted concepts, tools and rhythms! Your hosts are Jeremy Pryor and Jefferson Bethke.

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