Are You a Story Formed Family?

We are all story-formed creatures.
All moral language is learned through stories. 

What does it mean to be mean or kind or brave or selfish? When you dig into where each person learned what things are and how we discovered which of these to value you hit the bedrock of stories.

It’s important to immerse your children in a world of great stories.
Stories from the Bible.
Stories from ancient legends.
Stories from the best writers of recent history.

When your child is struggling to tell the truth google “Kids stories about lying”.

Take trips to the library.
Putz around the kids section at Barnes & Noble.
Get an old CD player and find some old audio books.
Display fun books around the house.
Create a world of stories and your kids will seek to become the characters in the stories they admire.

This makes training kids a lot more effective


PS we chatted about this on a Five Minute Fatherhood episode here.

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