Are you giving the lion’s share of your heart?

Throwback post!

Love being a dad to these two (now three!). It’s one of the greatest privileges and joys of my life. It’s sad to me that so many dads delegate the job of parenting primarily to their spouses (and burn them out in the process. BTW I don’t mean in hours, I mean in care of the kid’s heart) educators, youth pastors, etc. Especially because most dads are forsaking their role in search of something to build, or some form of significance, or to lead a team of sorts, not realizing that their home and their kids can give them that more than anything else.

Dads, are you giving the lion’s share of your heart, creativity energy, and leadership to your marriage and family? That’s a question that a mentor asked me years ago that changed the trajectory of our life and hope it can to you too.

There’s no better return.

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