Creatures of habit

Quick little story: so, I’ve been using the Book of Common Prayer as my devotional guide for the last little bit, but just within the last week I’ve decided to set it on the dining room table as I come out in the morning, to be able to use it as a family too during breakfast. I’d maybe only been doing it the last few days with the kids, when yesterday we literally JUST sat down for breakfast and both kids pointed and yelled (they are totally Bethkes, where we don’t know appropriate volume for voices 😂) “Daddy! Read dis!” Truly the moment was small, and fairly uneventful. I read for that day, and it took probably 2-3 minutes. But I was reminded again just how much toddlers are creatures of habit. How they remind me that us as humans crave liturgy. In fact, we are all liturgical whether we know it or not. And how the rhythmic formational DNA in our kids can be directed towards things that aren’t that helpful (think common values and idols of the West – screens, consumption, busyness, etc) or towards things that will quietly put them on the path of human flourishing (think story, silence, creativity, service, faithfulness, etc). And as parents we get to be the conductors in that symphony, directing the music that takes them in either direction. But as conductors, we need to make sure we know the music first.

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