Dads, Train Your Kids

Talk about the fact that training your kids as a dad is a skill that you need to develop. And it’s one that we misunderstand a lot. A lot of times we don’t realize that training requires skill. And most of us, we don’t have that skill already and we need to find a way to get that. And if you look at the Proverbs, Ephesians, the book of Ephesians, book of Hebrews, all of those, when they talk about what a dad’s main job is, you see this word training constantly come up in these passages. And we’ve been really advocating for this. Jeff and I have a Skill of Fatherhood course that we’ve done and we got a really interesting testimonial. I just want to read this from somebody from our Facebook group. JC says, “Just wanting to offer some encouragement to the dads out there.

I’ve been officially training my children the last month, this last month to month and a half. My oldest son is doing the marble thing with really great results, watching him react more quickly and with more consistency than ever before. The first time we ask him and quickly with skill”


“I’m literally watching him grow in practical training. It’s a joy. Keep going. You will see progress.” This does seem like something that a lot of dads don’t realize is a skill that they can develop very quickly and that can have incredible results very quickly with their kids. And I know, Jeff, you encountered this and this is a really big epiphany for a lot of guys.

Totally, totally. And I’m guessing it’s farther back for you than for me, but yeah, it’s just a couple of years ago I can remember this exact light bulb moment. And I would actually put this on the fatherhood path as a moment that tends to shift fathers. If you can realize that man, that you are capable and have the ability to craft, train, direct your kids down a trajectory that you think is helpful for your family in love and where the Lord has you guys and what the story he wants to tell with your family. Not just letting it happen by accident, right? No baseball team, no football team, no basketball team, no sport. You don’t start playing baseball at five and just keep having this bat in your hand and swinging and hopefully when you’re 18 you’ll be able to hit.

It’s actually a very practical, tactical, minute by minute, very zoomed down like here’s how you hold it, here’s how you do it, here’s how you swing, here’s how you look at the ball. And then you do 4,000 swings of that too. You practice it. And I just think that that is so important and it’s so cool, JC, to hear that because I think this is such a light bulb moment for so many dads. And I want to ask dads listening, have you had that light bulb moment? Because the cool part about it is I don’t know one dad who has leaned into actively training his children and hasn’t seen immediate, incredible, awesome results right away. Now, not that it’s perfect and not that there’s not a wrestle and not that there’s not some push back and not that there’s not resistance, but I don’t know any other dad who’s done this and it just gone horrible.

There’s something about it where it actually feels like you lock into place of like, Oh, this is how it should be. What was I doing before? And it’s really, really cool because then I remember when that light bulb went off on me a couple years ago. Then your imagination then starts going crazy because then you feel like there’s so many more possibilities now of where you can take the family because it’s like, Oh, I can take the family pretty much anywhere we all want to go collectively because I believe that we can work there, train there-


Craft ourselves there, direct ourselves there. Not just, Oh, do you know this kid doesn’t ever listen to me, so I guess we can’t do this.


And it’s actually kind of true. If he doesn’t listen, you can’t do that. But I think you can train out of that. And man, that is just so huge and so important to us. But I don’t know would you leave with any other final thoughts or encouragement to the dads?

Yeah, I think it’s important, like Jeff saying, the results are there, but there is a skill to this. We talk a lot about the need to demonstrate, drill and defend. A lot of people don’t know how to bring these basic skills of coaching into the home. They haven’t thought about how to do that. They haven’t thought about what the steps are. That’s why we created the Skill of Fatherhood course.

If you guys want to check that out, it’s at familyteams.com and it’s so exciting. This is probably the most encouragement I’ve felt in just talking to dads is around, like Jeff just said, how quickly they begin to feel confident in their ability to train their own kids and how when this light bulb goes off, but it does take some time to learn. There are steps to it because a lot of us just don’t have this insight, maybe from our families of origin. If you want to check that out, a check out on Family Teams, the Skill of Fatherhood, we’d love to get your feedback. How is it going with your kids as you guys begin to develop the skill as a dad?

Yeah. Yeah. One last thing though, you guys, if you’re still listening, I forgot. Let’s make sure to let them know that you guys can get $20 off too. If you just use the code, like Jeremy said, familyteams.com and then there’ll be a tab that says masterclass. We have a code, just Dads, D-A-D-S, use that and it’ll give you, I believe $20 off. And we’d love if you go through it, love for you to let us know how it goes. And it’s cool to hear people like just JC give us that feedback as well.

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