Getting Through The Post-Christmas Winter Blues

Now that Christmas has drawn to a close, many of us are living in climates where we have way too many cold, dark, wet nights to look forward to.

How do you thrive as a family during these seasons? Why not start a tradition?

My favorite tradition during this time of year is to go on a virtual journey with my kids.

I remember one winter when we read The Hobbit as a family and traveled with Bilbo all the way to the Lonely Mountain.

Each night we built a fire, and about halfway through the reading we would feast on what we imagined was hobbit travel food. Cheese, crackers and various kinds of preserved meats.

As the journey continued our kids began to even look like hobbits (see pictures below).

Other books that are great for enjoying this season are Laura Ingalls Wilder’s The Long Winter, A Wrinkle in Time, and of course The Chronicles of Narnia.

With a little intentionality, it’s possible to turn a traditionally tough season into one your family may actually look forward to each year!


P.S. I wanted to share this description of the purpose of wintertime by British nature writer Brigit Anna McNeill, along with this beautiful painting by Jessica Boehman.

The winter solstice time is no longer celebrated as it once was, with the understanding that this is a period of descent and rest, of going within our homes, within ourselves and taking in all that we have been through, all that has passed in this full year which is coming to a close… like nature and the animal kingdom around us, this time of hibernation is so necessary for our tired limbs, our burdened minds.

Our modern culture teaches avoidance at a max at this time; alcohol, lights, shopping, overworking, over spending, comfort food and consumerism.

…and yet the natural tug to go inwards as nearly all creatures are doing is strong and the weather so bitter that people are left feeling that winter is hard, because for those of us without burning fires and big festive families, it can be lonely and isolating. Whereas in actual fact winter is kind, she points us in her quiet soft way towards our inner self, towards this annual time of peace and reflection, embracing the darkness and forgiving, accepting and loving embracing goodbye the past year.

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