Going Deeper into “The Blessing”

There’s a song that has just blown up in the Christian worship world. It’s called The Blessing. And I wanted to chat with you a little bit about this, Jeff. It’s by Elevation. They had a little snippet on… Was that right, Elevation, the worship team?

Yeah. Elevation Worship and then Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes were guests sought on it as well. But yeah, phenomenal song.

Okay. Yeah, it’s really cool. It’s the first time I’d ever heard a worship song with a theme of a multi-generational blessing. And I feel like when people started listening to this song, it was interesting to me sometimes about when you’re really feeling moved by music, especially that has worship lyrics, oftentimes, they’re very similar themes. And so there’s lots of themes that just get repeated in hymns and lots of themes that get repeated in contemporary worship.

This is just a new theme. And I think it took people by surprise because they told the story a little bit about they got together and collectively wrote this song. It just felt like it was almost given to them. But the thing that I found really encouraging about it and some of the lyrics, if you guys haven’t heard the song, I’d encourage you guys to look it up. It’s really beautiful. They do the Aaronic Blessing from the book of Numbers, Numbers chapter six of the Aaronic Blessing. And then after that they say, “May his favor be upon you and a thousand generations, and your family, and your children, and their children, and their children.” And that’s the theme of the song is this three, four generational blessing that they just are praying. And the thing that really struck me when I first heard this song and when I’ve listened to it a lot since then, is that they are touching a part of the heart of the Father that we have lost almost completely.

And this is the Father’s intention to demonstrate his favor by blessing your family for multiple generations. And when you hear that and you begin to understand that, you’re just overwhelmed by the love of the Father, the favor of the Father, the goodness of God and how the story is a multi-generational story. And that we are so caught up culturally in our individual story and so much worship even, it’s about us as individuals before God and our experience as individuals. But that’s not the story that God is telling. The biblical story’s a multi-generational story. And so to have a song that is really proclaiming the goodness of the Father because of his blessing on our families generationally, and that’s the story I think when we pull back, we’re going to see, we’re going to experience, that’s the movie I think in eternity that we’re going to really see.

And so to have a song that really celebrates that reality has been really encouraging. I encourage you guys to check that out and also just let your heart come alive to that part of the heart of the Father. And for a lot of you guys as fathers, that’s the part of your heart that’s going to grow bigger and bigger and bigger as your family starts to develop generationally, as you have your first children and as you have your first grandchildren, that’s going to start to impact and affect your heart. But yeah, Jeff, I know you were excited and shared this song. And what did that say?

Yeah, I think I texted to you right when it came out. We absolutely love it. It’s so powerful. It’s actually the blessing… It’s cool because it’s a blessing we say every night, we say every Shabbat, that’s when we put our hands on the kids’ heads and say that over them. And yeah, we absolutely love it. I will say one of the greatest memes of all time came out of this song. I don’t know if you saw the meme where-

Oh, yes. I did.

Where it said basically, it’s about the stimulus package going on right now and is basically a caption that said, “Asking the government, how are you going to pay for all this?” It was just a clip of them saying, “Your family and your children and a thousand generations” for who’s going to pay for all this. I was like, “That’s gold.”

So sad.

So, yeah. So that was the best. That was the peak moment of the song, for sure. No. Yeah. I think it’s an incredible song. Powerful. And I love too, like you said, it’s not just from Numbers six, it literally is Numbers six. It’s basically straight quoting. And I think that’s what we need more of too, more songs and blessings that are straight quotes from scripture just recited over us, recited over our kids. I think it’s really, really powerful.

Yeah, man, I love it. When you hear that song, what you’re touching too is the faith of Abraham. The thing that really got Abraham excited about… His relationship with God was so intertwined with the way that God was blessing his multi-generational family. And so, super excited to have a song that really celebrates that.

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