How Imagination Brings a Family Closer

I hate costumes.

Something in my personality or maybe in my brokenness revolts at trying to play another character.

My kids love costumes.

My daughter recently turned 20 and put on the most epic 1920s party you can imagine.Everyone came dressed to the nines but none more than our five kids.

The whole night was filled with music, food, dancing, and even a murder mystery.

It was unforgettable.

But as a dad what blessed me the most was seeing how our kids love to just have fun together.

With four of them being teenagers this is not something to take for granted.

It takes me back to the hundreds of moments when they were little and pretended together.

We had boxes of costumes so they could create and inhabit new and different worlds through their imaginations.

I hope they never stop pretending together. And maybe costumes aren’t so bad.

Maybe sometimes you just have to let your kids lead the way even if that makes you uncomfortable.


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