How to Survive Through Tough Tuesdays

Our weekly rhythm is shaped like a hump.

We start with Soft Launch Sunday, our first work day of the week.

We move on to a fairly Mellow Monday where we work longer hours than Sunday, but our productivity tends to peak on Tuesday.

We call these Tough Tuesdays.

I’ll often work a 14-16 hour day on Tuesday, and everyone else in our family tends to experience Tuesday as the most productive, most packed, and most challenging day of our week.

One of the great advantages to living a weekly rhythm is you notice these patterns and can start to plan around them.

Take a look at this picture.

This was taken at our dinner during a Tough Tuesday.

We noticed that, since everyone in our family is working flat out on Tuesday, dinner was really hard to pull off.

But since we live in a multigenerational household we asked my mom to cook on Tuesdays and BAM, Tough Tuesdays got a lot easier.

Because my parents have a more relaxed rhythm, they were able to step in at just the point when it would help the most and provide a delicious dinner every Tuesday, where we quickly connect and get back to work – often until 10pm.

This was the simple solution that gets us over the hump of our week.

After Tough Tuesday the week always feels like a slide into our favorite day of the week—The Sabbath (we keep Sabbath on Friday night-Saturday night).

Once you learn the shape of your week you can find those strategic points where a little creativity will go a long way.


P.S. Has your family established a repeatable, improvable weekly rhythm? If not, consider taking the 7 Day Family Course at FamilyTeams.com, where April and I along with the Bethkes show you how to establish a 7 Day Rhythm that will help your family thrive.

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