Modern Vs. Biblical Family

So, we’re going to do something we’ve never done before, we’re going to read a review. But one of the reasons why I wanted to do this is this review is… I really helped kind of… Sometimes people write about your podcast, or your book, or whatever, better than you do because they, “This is what I experienced.”

Oh, 100%.

Yeah. I love that.

Outsider perspective, yeah.

Yes. I love this one. So, this one really did that. And part of what we want to do is, some of you guys are new to listening to this podcast, and you hear lots of very specific tactics that we talk about, but you maybe have not heard the big picture. And I felt like this review did a good job of that. So, this is from Bama174

He or she writes, “Formative, thought provoking, encouraging. This podcast is an incredible resource for Christians who are raising, or hope to raise, children in the likeness of Christ. Jeremy and Jeff use this short podcast to share ideas, give helpful advice, inquire about long-held beliefs, all in the light of what scripture teaches. One of the reasons this podcast is so impactful, and one of my few must-listens podcast, is because Jeremy and Jeff are willing to step back and take a look at culture and ask the simple question, ‘Is the way we are raising our children as a society the best way?’ This podcast is one of the few parenting resources that challenges our modern thinking, inviting us to more collective, team-like families, rather than individualistic, self-consumed entities. After listening to several episodes, this podcast will begin to radically shape and change your thinking into a more biblical model of family. Thank you.” Bama174.

But what I loved about this review is, yeah, definitely what we’re trying to figure out, you guys, and we do want to have this conversation constantly in light of modern culture, is that we think that the way that modern people think about family is totally different than the biblical vision of family. And we talk about the biblical vision of family, what we’re asking is, what was in God’s heart as the architect or designer when he made this? Did he make family to be a springboard for individual success, which is the definition of the good family in modern culture? Or did he make family to be a multi generational team on mission? And you guys, that is a theological question that psychologists cannot answer, that sociologists can’t answer. The only thing that can answer that question is the Bible, and the way in which it describes for us what was in God’s heart. And we know from Genesis 1, that God made the first family to be a multi generational team on mission.

We break that down in a lot of places, but that’s how family started. Every single family in the entire Bible is designed around the idea of being a multi generational team. And so, even when they’re failing, that’s what they’re failing at doing. This modern family idea is totally new. It’s really… And it’s destroying families. It does not make sense of how to live your life as a family. It’s really just a collection of individuals living in the same house for recreation and for a little bit of support. That is not what was in God’s heart when he created the family.

So to recover God’s vision, we really have to go back to the architect’s original design, and then we have to do this hard work. And this is what this podcast is all about. Compare sort of modern practices, modern ideas, modern tactics, to what it would look like if you really believed and were trying to build your family to be a multi generational team on mission. So, that’s what we’re trying to do here. I love what Bama/Bama174 is describing here. This is what we’re hoping to do. But, Jeff, you have any thoughts about what we’re trying to figure out?

No. No thoughts on that. You know, I’m taking it more off a tangent, but I would just close with saying, hey, thank you guys for who listens. And moms, and dads, and we know you have tons of people in between. I think we’ve even had people like in college, single, not parents, not even married, listening. So, we appreciate you guys. We’re super thankful. And the reviews do actually really help us. We genuinely read them, and try to put in your guys’ feedback, and answer questions you guys really care about. And so, yeah, we really enjoy it, and I appreciate it.

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