Pressing the Eject Button Together

Most agree that in a family the highest priority must be the marriage.

If the marriage goes the whole house falls.

But if your marriage is strong then the two of you can hold the family together through all of life’s storms.

OK, great, but what does putting your marriage first mean practically?

Things like consistent date nights, regular sex, and checking in throughout the day are practices that will help maintain your intimacy, but sometimes even these are just not enough.

Sometimes you can’t seem to get on the same page, and you can see your marriage is heading toward a danger zone.

That’s when you may need to press the proverbial eject button.

Not as an individual but together.

You need to get away.

You need to get above the day to day.

And getting away is always very costly in many ways.

That’s when our belief that marriage is the highest priority gets tested.

It’s good to push the button before disunity and disconnection get too severe.

When you start to feel the drift, put a 2-3 day getaway on the calendar.

Picture the cockpit opening up and the two of you launching out of your normal life together.

Getting childcare, finding a place to stay, added expenses, and neglecting what you could get done if you stayed home are real challenges, but none even come close to the cost of ending a marriage.

What’s your eject button?

Do you need to press it?


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