The Power of a Surprise Blessing

Surprise blessings are the best!
For months I kept having this thought, “I want to take Elisa to the zoo.”

She hadn’t been asking for it but I’ve never met someone who loves living things more than Elisa.

Yesterday I saw a baby butterfly on the ground that was unable to fly. After telling Elisa she spent the rest of the afternoon crafting the perfect butterfly habitat to nurse the injured insect back to health.

Part of me looks forward to growing old just so I can experience living under Elisa’s care.

So one morning, when I noticed I had no commitments, I came home and swept Elisa off to the zoo. We had a blast!

Surprising our kids with blessings tailored to their personalities is one of the greatest joys of being a Dad. 

I want to do this more often. I want to listen to those unbidden desires and thoughts.

Winning our kids hearts is about them feeling fully known and fully loved and these kinds of personalized blessings can deliver both of these messages straight to the heart.


PS. Here’s a video where Jeff and I talk about a little system I’ve created that helps me find concrete ways to love my kids well.

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