What Insight do you Have that Others Need to Hear?

So, I don’t know if you guys know who Peter Thiel is. He is a famous tech venture capitalist and invested in Facebook. He’s also a really professing Christian. He wrote an incredible book called Zero to One, and he has this question and I wanted, Jeff, to get your take on this because I’ve not been able to stop thinking about this question ever since I heard it. In every interview and almost every conversation Peter Thiel has with somebody, he asks them, “Tell me something that is true that almost nobody agrees with you on.” I love this question, and I think what Peter Thiel has discovered is just so brilliant about this question and that is that everything wrong with the world is because we’ve all collectively decided that something is true and we’re all collectively wrong.

That doesn’t mean that the majority is always wrong. It just means that whatever’s wrong with the church or the school system or the family or any systemic problem in the world can be routed back to the fact that we all have collectively agreed on something that’s actually not true. So, what happens is people have these weird, intuitive, instinctual, or sometimes biblical insights where they’re like, “Oh, what if this is true?” And they’re holding in their hands in that moment the key to disabusing all of us of this lie that we’ve been believing. So, there’s probably nothing more fun to talk to somebody else about than what is that thing that you believe that nobody else agrees with?

I want to bring this up in this context because in family teams one of the things that is unique about what we’re trying to suggest to the Christian world is really a truth that, until we’ve been really trying to articulate it, nobody agreed with us on. We’re not just a family ministry that just says family needs to be better or whatever. We’re trying to signal that there’s something foundationally wrong with the way we even think about family. That we think that the biblical family is a multigenerational team on mission. It’s important for you guys to understand. That’s not something that we’re reading elsewhere. Nobody agrees with us on that initially.

People that have studied this once we’ve articulated it, have begun to see that maybe this is one of those areas where we’re just collectively heading in the wrong direction. Our compass is pointed inappropriately and is leading us down a bad path. So, I just want to encourage you. I don’t know the fathers listening to this. I just wanted to say, I don’t know what that is for you guys, if there’s something that you’re playing with. It doesn’t mean you’re always right. It doesn’t mean we’re right. It just means that man, this is the gold we have to be looking for. What are those things that no one agrees with you on that you just really, really, really believe is true?

And test those things and be humble if people are able to correct you and say, “No, I don’t think that’s right.” But it’s okay to investigate these things because man, our future depends on people discovering these lies that we’re all agreeing to and these truths that are really hidden. And I just love the fact that Thiel is just saying, “Let’s just talk about that all the time, like a lot more, and let’s be honest about how dependent we are on finding out what those things are.” But yeah. Jeff, what are your thoughts on that?

Oh man. That’s such a fun question. You caught me off guard with that one, so I don’t know if I have a good answer because I haven’t thought about it enough, but no. Yeah. I love it. I mean, yeah. Immediately what pops to the top of my head is my thoughts on college and education are pretty rare and unpopular.


We’ve done a little bit of a post on that. The family team stuff certainly is another one. The fact that Back to the Future is the best movie of all time was another one. Yeah. I could go on and on, but I do think there’s something about sharpening. I do think that’s something we’re losing in our culture is the ability to have really robust, stimulating, engaging dialogue and debate. And not even debate. I don’t even like that word. Just like really good conversation with questions of like, “Oh, what do you mean by that? Or why?” And kind of prodding. I love those conversations, and those are conversations I have with my friends. I think finances, all that stuff that we love, that I wish that the open world would have a little more because I feel like it is so helpful and sharpening to everyone.

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