What’s Family Teams?

We are a joint account ran and operated by two families – the Pryors and the Bethkes.

We believe family in the west has been a failed experiment over the last 100 years or so, one in which those failings show themselves more and more each day, and so we went digging for a bigger and better design and found it hidden in plain sight in the scriptures. The Pryors have been living and teaching these truths for almost two decades now, including mentoring the Bethkes the last five with this beautiful new framework and design. That God has plans for families, and they are actually one of his main vehicles for putting the world back together through Him!

And the one thread we find in scripture about those families is they are all multi generational teams on mission. And so if you stay here for awhile you’ll hear us use those words a lot since we think they are central to God’s design and something western families have mostly forgotten (including Christian ones!). And now for some quick fun facts:

The Pryors live in Cincinnati.
They have 5 kids ranging from 10 to 19.
They are a Lord of the Rings family through and through.

The Bethkes live in Maui.
They have 3 kids ranging from 7 weeks to 4 years old.
And they think Chronicles of Narnia is better than Lord of the Rings 🤫

But what about you? We’d love to hear from you! Who’s on your team? Where do you live? Are you new to the concept of building a multi generational family team on mission? PS if you’re new to this concept and want a great ‘starter’ we’d recommend listening to Jeff & Alyssa’s podcast called ‘The Real Life Podcast’ and finding the episode from last month called ‘the day our family changed forever’ to hear a keynote talk from Jeremy about this whole concept! And you can skip to the 14 or 15 minute mark for beginning of his talk.

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