Why Music Should Matter in Every Home

Music brings magic into family gatherings.

We had some friends over the other night and one of them snagged my guitar from the wall inside, brought it out to the front porch, and led us all into a spontaneous worship session.

We have random instruments hanging and set up throughout the house just to make this happen more often.

Sometimes the production value of what we experience at church can discourage us, our friends, and our kids from the way music has been experienced throughout most of human history – spontaneously around a fire or after a meal in a home.

Music, poetry, story, and artistic expressions of all kinds fill family life with such richness.

Jesus knew this. After Passover we read, “And when they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives.” (Matthew 26:30)

Do your kids feel the most natural place for their talents is in your home instead of on a stage?

At your next family gathering, call for song. 

Unleash the artists in your home to turn everyday family experiences into epic ones.


P.S. Need ideas for enjoying music more in your home? Jeff and share our favorite ideas here

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