Wisdom from the Founder of the Salvation Army

What’s up, guys. Jeff and Jeremy here. Another episode of Five Minute Fatherhood. We have a quote we want to read for you and then I’m going to get Jeremy’s thoughts on it. This quote is from William Booth. If you don’t know who that is, he is the founder of Salvation Army. I think this quote was 1902 so I’m bad at math on the fly. What would that be? 117 years ago.


Crazy. Yeah, right. Right. Isn’t that? Did I do that math right?

Yeah. I think that’s it.

But I think … Oh, fascinating. I love quotes that are that old that still ring just as true if not more true. That’s what I love about this. He said this. He said, “Don’t expect your children to be so naive that they won’t see beneath the cloak of a false Christianity, especially if they find it in their own home. And don’t think that after they discover its unreality, that they won’t then despise it. Don’t be surprised if when they see such hypocrisy, they make it an excuse for neglecting if not positively disbelieving in Christ all together.” Man, that’s powerful. It’s convicting. But yeah, the danger of hypocrisy in the home coupled with that quote. What are your thoughts, Jeremy?

Yeah, I think sometimes it’s important that we talk about tactics and training and some of those things often times in this podcast tips or whatever. But men, nothing can replace what your children are seeing you actually trust in. Are they actually seeing the gospel in the fruit of the gospel in your life and your repentance and the way that you’re being affected by your experience in relationship with the father and how is that playing out in your home? If you find yourself and if you’ve ever seen a family that is trying to put on a really good Christian show, then you know that what William Booth is saying here is likely going to be the ultimate result, which is that the kids are going to see right through that facade.

When they see through that facade, they don’t just say, “Oh, that’s weird. My parents are kind of hypocrites when it comes to Christianity.” They usually despise Christianity itself. To them, it’s evidence that Christianity just doesn’t work. It’s not true. My parents claim to believe it. They claim to follow it. I didn’t see the fruit in their life. I didn’t see the fruit in our home. It’s not just like they become neutral. A lot of the most militant atheist or militant anti-God people out there are people that were raised in “Christian families” that were very hypocritical. It’s really important. You guys, be real with your kids. Talk about the things you’re struggling with. Repent when you discover things that you’re not believing. Pursue the Lord, and really understand that all of the tactics and tools in the world to raise a family doesn’t replace the way in which you are living out and embodying the truth of the gospel in your home.

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