You don’t need to search for significance anywhere else

One of the most transformative mental shifts in our family was realizing that family & parenting wasn’t about primarily raising a bunch of individuals, but rather about creating a multi generational team on mission (in fact, it’s so important to us that ‘multi generational’ is actually one of our 8 pillars written on our family’s mission and vision statement). That the family God has given us is a forward facing outpost of the Kingdom of God meant to be built upon and passed down and taken a little farther every generation. That together as a team we are to fulfill the Genesis call of building, and creating, and cultivating, and bringing order out of chaos. And you start seeing God’s multigenerational heart everywhere in scripture when you start thinking about it this way.

When God wants to describe Himself to Israel over and over again what does He call Himself? He says He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. If we were writing those passages today He’d be the God of I don’t know, I don’t know, and I don’t care.

Our vision is microscopic and tiny compared to the scriptures vision. But dads, how different would your home look like if you realized God has already given you a team (in your family) and you don’t need to search for significance anywhere else, and that team has been given a mission, and you’re one of the primary coaches of the team? Let us not be fathers who do great at building teams at work yet neglect the best team God’s ever given us and let our kids sit on the bench at home.

I know most dads have had those coaches that have in some sense changed their life and affected them forever. They usually have the perfect balance of calling the team higher and farther than they thought they could go yet also believing in us more than we believe in ourselves. What a gift that we get to be that day in and day out with our kids over decades of life. Coaches of their hearts, on God’s mission, as a multi generational family team.

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