The Key To Creating Family Memories that Last

Creating family memories is a great way to build bonds as a team.

I want my kids to have so many shared memories that, even when they experience relational tension, they would never consider disposing of the relationship. They share too many wonderful memories.

But what’s the key to making sure memories stick?

Here’s the three rules, and they might sound familiar:

Location, Location, Location.

Research has demonstrated that almost every human has photographic spatial memory. If you went into a house 10 years ago and came back, you’d know how to get to the bathroom. (Check out the book Moonwalking with Einstein if you want to geek out on the powers of spatial memory.)

When we are in an unfamiliar location our memories have so many anchors to use we tend to remember the events at a much higher rate.

So our family works at creating fun experiences at unique locations.

And that’s what we did last weekend.

We were celebrating Kelsey’s 21st birthday and she found an AirBnB in the middle of nowhere that was laid out like a small western village complete with a saloon. 

We were in – and not just a little.

Check out the Italian soda bar Kaira and Elisa set up and manned all weekend long.

We use music, flavors, smells and even costumes to create additional memory anchors (well, the kids use costumes).

I’m constantly looking for places to take the kids where it feels like we’ve gone through a portal into another world. We can’t forget immersive experiences.

Memories created in the same location tend to fade quickly over time. 

Memories created in new places last.

For many of our families, all of that time spent in the house during lockdown may be remembered as a hazy and somewhat unpleasant blur.

Get your family out of the house and have a fun experience at a unique place.

Help your kids share memories that last.

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